OneTruth Clothing Shutting Down

Onetruth Love T-ShirtWith tons of cheap, imitative “Christian” clothing circulating around next to the Testamints, it’s a needle in a haystack to find Christian clothing worth sporting. Over the years I’ve bought two shirts and a bumper stick from OneTruth Clothing, The Love shirt always gets people looking at the pierced hand. As a partnership with Seeds of Hope International (, the Hope shirt to the right alludes to the hope that is found in Christ alone for the world, nonetheless Africa. Onetruth Hope T-ShirtAfter ten years merchandising, an email from Onetruth Clothing today says that they’ll be shutting down sometime in the new year. They’ve ordered a last batch of sweatshop free clothing as a last hurrah, and when it’s gone, they’re done. As a two-day Christmas sale, you can get 20% off anything on the new stuff page using the promo code dec2007. I won’t be ordering anything but if you’re not familiar with their stuff, you should give their page a gander before it’s too late. You never know, you might find a last minute present!

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  1. Mat says:

    Check out No One Underground. They have been releasing some pretty sweet shirts as they are close friends of the One Truth Crew.

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