CUE Player for Winamp 5.5 and 5.6

Thanks to the folks over at the Hydrogenaudio forums for pointing to a version of CUE Player compatible with Winamp 5.5xx and 5.6xx.


CUE Player 0.57c (156kb)


Unzip and put gen_cue.dll and in_cue.dll in Winamp’s plugin folder under Program Files (C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins). Restart Winamp (close and re-open).


Open a .cue file with Winamp (right-click and “Open with”).

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83 Responses to CUE Player for Winamp 5.5 and 5.6

  1. Alan G. says:

    Great plugin – it should be standard! Thanks for making it easily reachable (via Google) ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your info.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Finally a working .cue plugin!! Thanks a lot!!!!

  4. sash says:

    thanx for sharing

  5. DjHj says:

    Absolute awesome, works like trains toilet! :)

  6. yenidem says:

    worked… thank u.

  7. okay says:

    Thank You

  8. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot for this + i agree this should be standard!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Works perfect with *.ape files. Thanks a lot!!!

  10. PolishFan says:

    Awsome! :)

    Pozdrowienia z Polski! :)

  11. tp says:

    Thanks a lot, standart plugin from winamp site is crap – skips
    through tracks,
    plugin from this page works exellent, thx a lot!

    (i am using winamp 5.35)

  12. drew says:

    Still works with the new Winamp 5.55 which was released a couple days ago.

  13. nextbest says:

    works great! someone should tell winamp to make this standard! Thanks

  14. Kalman says:

    When I rename the cue, Winamp cannot open the cue file. Anybody? Both files are renamed as same ex
    Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance 404.mp3
    Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance 404.cue

    • drew says:

      Kalman, make sure you have also updated the FILE line inside the .cue file. It tells the .cue file where to look for the .mp3. You’ll want your FILE line to look like this:

      FILE “Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance 404.mp3″ MP3

  15. Anonymous says:

    tnx a lot, works for me

  16. pawa says:

    thx a lot! works fine with my winamp 5.55 running under m$ windows vista x86 SP1

  17. Alessio says:

    Thank’s, this plugin rulez! One of the best plugins for Winamp for listening compilation!
    This plugin shoud be a part of the standard installation of Winamp
    I hope in a newest version that manage the content of the cue files like the audio tracks, improve the compatibilty with the library and allow to scan into cue files and recognise every single track..

  18. David says:

    Thanks for the download. Unfortunately, this version does not support Unicode CUE files, which is the default for what seems to be popular CUE generation software called Medieval Software CUE Splitter, and was apparently used on a lot of music that I’m trying to listen to. I can go back and reformat all of the CUE files in UTF-8, but then International characters are not rendered properly. It really should be fixed in the plugin. Does anyone know if source code is still available? I can fix it myself if I can get ahold of the source, and then post the fix. I tried emailing the purported author, but got no response.

    Thanks for your help,


  19. Grateful Metalhead says:

    Thank the gods for this plugin! :D
    I thought my chances of listening to Crow’sclaw’s newest album in FLAC were equal to zero, but then a friend of mine told me of this plugin, so I checked it out. To my great relief it worked, and it was easy getting it to work too :D
    Just add the cue-sheet to the playlist in Winamp, and voilá: Epic Win! :D

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  21. Anonymous says:

    thank u it’s work :)

  22. sEXEcutor says:

    Winamp crashes if I open .cue with Winamp through external command like winamp.exe “path_to/album.cue”
    Opening .cue from Winamp’s window is OK.
    Windows 7 x64.

    And thanks for the plugin :)

  23. Kalle Lindh says:

    probably most useful plugin ever, thanks for sharing

  24. Anonymous says:

    GREAT !

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good Job~ just looking for it

  26. floyd2005 says:

    Thank you very match for a really working CUE player for Winamp! Great thing!

  27. Tirol says:

    Plugin super but is gluckable.
    It not right define time for song and if You use “Stop after current” it stop after some seconds of new song.
    Also it crash winamp, sometimes.
    I don’t understand, why author not work under this plugin, more?

  28. blah says:

    thanks for finally making a working plugin!!!!

    waited so long for this :D

    many fanx from nz

  29. vlad_n says:

    When open the cue file in Winamp for the first time the volume is set to 100%. How can I fix this bug?

    • drew says:

      Turn down your volume before opening?

      • vlad_n says:

        Volume before openins is 11%. After open cue file the volume on volume bar is 11% but real volume 100%. After clicking on volime bar the volume set to 11%. Why volume is reseting to 100% after I open cue file first time?

      • drew says:

        Sorry, man, wish I could tell you. This isn’t my plugin. I’m just trying to make it more readily available.

  30. Winampiscrap says:

    This plugin is crap, just like winamp and its inability for playing cue sheets by itself. This shitty plugin distorts the audio, specially the low frequencies. If you don’t believe me, try playing the mp3 file enabling/disabling it while listening on a good pair of headphones (like AKG or SENNHEISER).

  31. Shodan says:

    Great work! THX! Monkey’s Audio .ape .cue don’t work. So sad:(

    • Shodan says:

      :( many lossless don’t work, .ape, .wv

      • MumblingFumbler says:

        I’m using v5.581 and .ape .cue files work fine.

      • Shodan says:

        Maybe me lamer :( ? mp3 .cue work, lossless don’t. Winamp v.5.58 Don’t know. Enybody Russian here? Help needed :)

      • MumblingFumbler says:

        I think you are on the wrong track assuming your problem has something to do with lossless format, since .cue .flac also works fine for me. As I stated in an earlier post, the plugin does not support Unicode cue sheets. That is likely your problem. Email me one of your .cue files if you want verification. You can convert the file to UTF-8 using the following:
        If I could get hold of the source, I could fix this problem.

      • Shodan says:

        MumblingFumbler, THX. I thought that my difficulties caused by the code page, but did not know this for sure. I will try to solve this problem. Thanks again for your help.

  32. Tirol says:

    I think WinAmp developers fuck Us with support CUE.
    This Plugin good but is gluckable.
    I listen the most music with APE, FLAC and CUE used every day and have frequently crash Winamp.
    I was wrote to site but no answer, no moves for support CUE by internal/standard plugin.
    Maybe I will change player …

  33. ecsetmecset says:

    Great! THX!

  34. Gabriel says:

    Thank you very much! it’s an excellent plug in!!!
    thank so much…seriously. I couldn’t find this plug in anywhere!!! thanks!!!!!!
    yes, no answer from winamp!

  35. egress63 says:

    Working like a charm! thx so much!

  36. j says:

    Thanks! It also functions with 5.6!

  37. NewFusionAngel says:

    Thanks! Finely I”m find it.

  38. DrangSlav3 says:

    Fue el único lugar donde conseguí una versión que funcionara. ¡Gracias!

  39. Abbudi says:

    AWESOME PLUGIN, i also think this should be standard, wow, i have been searching for a working cue plugin for long time! and i found it here, GOOD STUFF :)!

  40. Peppino says:

    Been using version 0.57c for a couple of years now and it has been working well on all my FLAC/CUE and APE/CUE files even with the newest Winamp 5.6.

  41. Itay says:

    thanks! working

  42. bud says:

    had issues with ape as well (not creating virtualplaylist)

    turns out thatb the plugin has issues with path names. if it is not creating the playlist check the path to the cue file for special characters (eg. ],[,&) and simplify path if you find some.

    :) bud

    • Andy says:

      Thanks for this valuable piece of info. I had the same problems with some cue files working and some not, until I read your comment. And sure enough, I had a comma character in the paths where it didn’t work. Removed the commas from the paths and now it works fine (with 5.621 and ape files).

  43. abror says:

    winamp 5.61 doesn’t start after installing this plugin.
    several winamp processes hang out in taskman.
    after deleting plugin files started working again.
    sad :[

  44. kuban says:

    this is it!
    finally working one … thnx a lot

  45. Jim says:

    cheers for this!

  46. Xurxo says:

    OMG!!!!!!!Thanks a lot!!!!!!

  47. Claudio says:

    It works for winamp v5.622 :)

  48. thankyou says:

    it works

  49. Danke says:

    My Winamp 5.623 sometimes crashes with CUE Player 0.57c.

    Workaround for me: Configure the plugin’s options. Switch on “Enabple playlist extensions” and “Try to resolve missing files”.

    Options survived Winamp restart only if they were set in an Winamp invocation with admin rights.

  50. Anonymous says:

    still working in august 2012 !!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! It does indeed work!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Works with Winamp v5.623

  53. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot! Works perfectly.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Excellent ! Works with 5.63 fine, thank you very much.

  55. Thanks a LOT man. Works great!

  56. Rahim Namvar says:

    Many thanks man :)

  57. Surrey says:

    Been using this for years on cue flac/ape/wav and it’s still working good even on the latest Winamp 5.63. For those of you who have problems with Unicode cue files, get an app called CDRCue 2004.0.0.1001. It’s an old app but it can still do the job and works on all versions of Windows. Open the cue file you’re having trouble with in CDRCue and then resave it. The cue file will then play flawlessly in Winamp. Better yet, you can use CDRCue to edit the contents of a cue file down to the last detail. It’s a fantastic app for editing and even creating cue files.


  58. mayday says:

    works fine! thanks a lot :-)

  59. Anonymous says:

    Great!! thanks a lot!!

  60. Anonymous says:

    It seems like it does not work with Windows 8 x64.
    Both files are in the right folder, the plugin shows up in Winamp, but when a *.cue file is opened, the playlist shows all the tracks and their duration, but none of the tracks is being played…
    It still works fine on my windows 7 pc

  61. Anonymous says:

    Works like a charm!!! Thank you :D

  62. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the above info! Free trial CDRCUE will not let you edit cue sheets w/more than 10 tracks. They want you to pay $19.95 to do that. Felt strange about offering to give money to some old, outdated, redirected site in who knows where. Free version also stopped working a couple times so I just deleted it. Anyone have any suggestions about avoiding that 10 track limit on the free version? OR any other free programs that fix cue sheets?

  63. Benjamin says:

    Thank you very much for bringing plugin version 57c more seo frindly to the web :) It’s working well on Windows 8 and WinAmp 5.63

  64. skippy says:

    Several cue sheet player plug ins for Winamp. Only difference: this one works.

  65. Tmc says:

    And it still works for me! (5.666)

  66. Ivan says:

    Works with the latest version (5.666).
    Thank you so much!

  67. Anonymous says:


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