Him that Pisseth against the Wall

Are you a real man?

HT: Codex: Biblical Studies

Check out this sermon on the phrase “him that pisseth against the wall” from the KJV of 1 Kings 14:10. The phrase also occurs in 1Sam 25:22, 25:34; 1Kings 16:11, 21:21, and 2Kings 9:8. The rendering by the KJV, while perhaps vulgar to modern ears, is a word for word translation of the Hebrew.

While I — along with this preacher — lament modern translations that simply render the Hebrew idiom with the English term “male” I do so for very different reasons. In absolute contrast with the meaning of the passage, the ludicrous message the preacher takes from the phrase is that “real men” pee standing up (and I would add, should never lift the toilet seat!). If this preacher would have cracked the cover of even the most useless Bible Commentary, he would have discovered that the expression is contemptuously comparing males to dogs who “piss against the wall.” Thus, I don’t think modern translations bring out the connotative meaning of the original Hebrew by the non-vulgar translation as “male.” See my post Dogs, Urine, and Bible Translations (On the Importance of Translating Connotative Meaning).

“We got pastors who pee sitting down. We got the president of the United States who probably pees sitting down. We got a bunch of preachers, we got a bunch of leaders who don’t stand up and piss against the wall like a man…That’s what’s wrong with America.”

“A man needs to be a man not a male…It’s because the editors of the NIV pee sitting down.”

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2 Responses to Him that Pisseth against the Wall

  1. Cris Comeau says:

    The bible says in each instance of it’s use that God will DESTROY ALL who pisseth against the wall!
    Therefore, the preacher hasn’t read it, or he’s telling all the guys to go to hell!

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