WordPress 2.5RC-1

After seeing all the flummery about the new WordPress 2.5 and the screen shots of the the admin section, I decided to dive in. Actually it wasn’t that straight forward. Upgrading always makes me nervous. So, I upgraded via svn a test blog I keep tucked away online. It worked like a breeze. Praise the Lord for svn. “Svn up” and you’re done. I then decided to svn up this blog, but the oddest thing happened, or didn’t happen: “svn up” doesn’t work on this blog. On my test blog it automatically grabs the latest beta/nightly release and upgrades, but the “svn up” doesn’t work on this one. I’m bewildered. I read something about checking the file and directory permissions for a solution, but that didn’t help though several files and directories needed their permissions changed. Svn didn’t fail me totally with this blog though. Instead of svn up I used “svn sw http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/trunk/” and bingo. Why “switch” works and not “update” is beyond me; nonetheless, WordPress 2.5 release candidate 1 is up and going with a beautiful, slick back end. All my plugins are still working as far as I can tell. Well done, WordPress.

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