Copy and Paste from Kindle for PC

Update: a new version of Kindle for PC (1.5.0) allows copying within the program. Upgrade to make the method below obsolete.

Here’s the method I use to copy and paste text from Kindle for PC.

Step #1: Enable Public Notes

Login to your Amazon/Kindle account at Browse to the book you want to copy and paste from.

And enable public notes by clicking the unlock button.

Step #2: Highlight in Kindle for PC

Open Kindle for PC and highlight the text you wish to copy and paste.

Step #3: Sync to Update

In the Kindle for PC menu click Tools and select Sync to Furthest Page Read.

Step #4: Refresh and Copy and Paste

Refresh the book’s page and look for your highlight in plain text.

There you go. Now you can copy and paste.

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16 Responses to Copy and Paste from Kindle for PC

  1. david says:

    I didn’t get that last step to work? Unclear on what to do..

    • drew says:

      Hi David, once you’ve highlighted in Kindle for PC and synced, your highlight will appear on the book’s page. If you’re having trouble finding it, try looking under “Your Highlights Only” (see the first screenshot above).

  2. Bret says:

    Drew: Works, but apparently can only highlight text on one page. So if the portion you want to copy and cite is across a page break, you have to do this in two separate efforts? Is there no way to highlight text across a page break? Thanks.

    • drew says:

      Yeh, Bret, this is one shortcoming of this method. I normally just do two separate highlights and paste them together. It’s an extra step, but it still gets it done.

  3. AndrewFinden says:

    Thanks for this! Appreciate it.

  4. AndrewFinden says:

    Another slightly clunky method is to select some text and select More > Google and then copy the text from the google search box – but only works for a limited number of characters.

  5. drew says:

    After updating to the latest version of Kindle for PC (1.5.0), an option to copy pops up within the program itself and works like a charm.

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  7. Luke says:

    Yeah, apparently copy/paste for US customers only. Unbelieveable.
    This is the last first and Kindle book I buy.

  8. Stephen Said says:

    Thanks mate, revolutionised my study! Really appreciated.

  9. Patti says:

    I can copy with the newest version easily enough but then after too many copies I get a message saying ” publishers limit for copying”. I am trying find a way to get around that so I can copy more of the book. Any ideas?.

  10. Stephen Said says:

    I haven’t had this problem Patti. Let me know if you find a solution.

  11. tom says:


    Im in germany. I really dont understand that lost step. I sny and then have no idea where to go?


  12. Owen Marcus says:

    Thanks. I was trying to find a work around and you gave it to me.

  13. Mike says:

    I know this post is old, but have you found out a way to copy/paste an image from a Kindle for PC book? Even highlighting some text before and after the image (including the image) the image gets left behind.

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